Zaskia Adya Mecca

Zaskia Adya Mecca artist who was born in Jakarta, 8 September 1987 is a soap opera player, FTV player, movie player ..

Zaskia Adya Mecca began his career in entertainment world when elected to the winner two electoral arena Kawankku model in 2001, from here Zaskia start ogled by several production houses to become supporting roles in soap operas starring marshanda angel. After it began to be known by the name Zaskia khayalak while playing in the soap opera of public concern is directed by Deddy Mizwar Doomsday already near. In this soap opera acting Zaskia collided with vocalist Andre stinky. In this soap opera that plays into sarah Zaskia wear the hijab, the same as real life by wearing the hijab since 2005. After that any bids for bids to arrive, a few soap operas such as Love had her starring in high school, Habibi and Habibah, Song puberty, Lorong Time, and many more. In addition Zaskia Sinetron also actors, the film - starring his famous film was among the most phenomenal ie verses - verses of love, here Zaskia role as Noura. Zaskia playing together fedy Nuril, Carissa putrid, Melanie, and many more.

Not only gained fame by Zaskia, Zaskia also been caught smoking on the set with still using the hijab. Then the news scene and into infotainment, news had first appeared in the virtual world with the release of photos - pictures by holding a burning cigarette ..

In addition to the Zaskia Adya Mecca Controversy has also been established hubugan digossipkan with famous film director Hanung Bramantyo, but until now dismissed the gossip is Zaskia Still, their closeness Zaskia admitted only to the extent my friend ... But it's also not prohibited if near kok mbak ... hehehe besides Zaskia also digossipkan close to the man laa Muttalib Turkish origin, but until now there has been no further details about the gossip.


Full Name: Zaskia Adya Mecca
Nickname: Zaskia Adya Mecca
TTL: Jakarta, 8 September 1987
Zodiac: Virgo
Last Education: Faculty of Psychology, University of Paramadina force in 2005
Hobbies: reading Quran
Favorite Books: Mastnavi
Favourite movie: Children Of Heaven
Favorite Music: snada
Favorite TV Show: Ashabul Kahf


Cinta SMU
Kiamat Sudah Dekat
Habibi dan Habibah
Senandung Masa Puber
Lorong Waktu
Para Pencari Tuhan


Ayat-Ayat Cinta (2007)
Kun Fayakuun (2008)
Doa Yang Mengancam (2008)