Inneke Koesherawati

Inneke Koesherawati (born in Jakarta, December 13, 1975) is an Indonesian movie stars and soap operas. Famous as a hot film star in 1990's, but finally decided to wear the veil in 2001.


Inneke born as the fifth child of six children. Both parents came from, Central Java. In the blood flow Inneke Dutch descent from the father. Inne, thus her nickname, started his career by following the various competitions in Jakarta. His success began when he followed the event GIRL Cover 1990 and earned the accolade Champion Talented. Inne finally entered the model's model school senior, Okky Asokawati, OQ Mo-delling. This is done to have a solid foundation for the plunge in the world of modeling.

Said the fate of others, since her friends are invited to be extras in the movie 'Lupus 4 ", Inne even switch sides want to pursue fully the role of the art world. His debut film was "Disco DJ" (1990), then continues with the "Girl of Metropolis" (1991), "The wheels Asmara at the Sentul Circuit" (1994), and "Intercourse Metropolis II" (1995), as well as acting in some movies warkop.

After deciding veiled in 2001, his acting was changed in the religious area. Like "Song I knelt" (2001), Pearl Heart (2005), and Road Takwa (2005). Despite veiled, Inne remain in demand, he even won an award as the Blessed Event Bearer version of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) in 2005. The award was presented in "Delivery of Gift Syiar Ramadan 1426 H". Inne been a presenter of the show "Sahur Together" on SCTV, "Testimony" in Lativi and guide the event before dawn on RCTI (2004).

Inne actually had founded the film company, PT. Gamal Golden Entertainment. Inne became Director. His company had given birth two films titled "Bias-Bias Obsession" and "If Tomorrow Arrived" which played such a senior actor Alex Komang, and Rudi Salam.

Inne also penetrated the country music world by becoming a producer of bands Uno. Year 2007 Inne also become an icon subscription television channel with Islamic nuance, Astro Oasis.

Personal life

Inne married on April 2, 2004 with the building owner's son Shaidah Tower, Fahmi Darmawansyah.